Rio 2

Rio 2 is a family friendly film, suitable to all ages thanks to the bright colors, energetic music and straightforward characters. It will not overly tax your brain, but is a good movie to watch when you want to relax. Overall, I think this movie is best for children aged 2 – 9.

The first song sang by the Blue Sphinx Macaw Tribe had me watching the screen with my mouth hanging open – it had really captured the breathtaking Amazon.


A Few Words of Elvish

As a devoted elf lover, I have been desperately combing The Lord of the Rings for any words of elvish. I have recently added a few more words from the Silmarillion, which I am currently reading

Gil’Galad – Starlight

Tinuviel – Nightingale, daughter of twilight

Dunedan – Man of the West

Andurin – Flame of the West

Malinalda – Tree of gold

Mablung – Of the heavy hand

Nienor – Mourning

Thuringwethil – Woman of secret shadow

Tumladen – The wide valley

Cool stuff for all Valkyries at heart